Friday, 15 August 2014

A Poem...

"The Quitter"

When you're lost on the trail with the speed of a snail 
And defeat looks you straight in the eye
and you're needing to sit, 
your whole being says quit 
You're certain it's your time to die. 
But the code of the trail is "move forward don't fail" 
Though your knees and ego are scarred. 
All the swelling and pain is just part of the game 
In the long run it's quitting that's hard! 
"I'm sick of the pain!" 
Well, now, that's a shame 
But you're strong, you're healthy, and bright. 
So you've had a bad stretch 
and you're ready to retch, 
Shoulders back, move forward, and fight. 
It's the plugging away that will win you the day, 
Now don't be a loser my friend! 
So the goal isn't near, 
why advance to the rear. 
All struggles eventually end.
It's simple to cry that you’re finished; 
and die. 
It's easy to whimper and whine. 
Move forward and fight, 
though there's no help in sight 
you'll soon cross the lost finish line.  
You'll come out of the black, with the wind at your back, 
As the clouds start to part; there's the sun. 
Then you'll know in your heart, 
as you did at the start.  
You're not a quitter.
You've Won!!

Gene Thibeault

Live, Laugh, Enjoy

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