Thursday, 21 January 2016

Who's thought was that?

‘If we’re always guided by other people’s thoughts, what’s the point of having our own.’ 
Oscar Wilde

It’s great to have others opinions, especially when we are trying to make a decision, but we need to remember that they are just that, other people’s opinions based on their own view of the world and what they believe to be true.

It can be the same with sport, people think what works for them is the only way, whether it is about nutrition, recovery, training, resting or competing.  It can be tough sometimes to make sure you are hearing your own voice and finding out what works for you.  And it changes… so what works at one point in your training/competing/life, may no longer work later on due to a change in your fitness levels, dealing with an injury or your mindset has changed.

How aware are you of your mental skills?  Whether you are training or competing, in a team or on your own, the voices in your head are just that, yours.

Discussing Johanna Konta’s mental skills, after her win against Venus Williams in the Australian Open, her former coach Justin Sherring said she had been working with a mental skills coach.  As he said ‘On your own, [if] can’t work things out under extreme pressure, you’re going to struggle.’

If you want to react well under pressure and make it work for you then contact me to find out more about mental skills training.

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