Thursday, 4 February 2016

A break from the norm...

As many of you know I like to make use of all life experiences to test out the mental skills and strategies theories and how they work in reality. 

10 days ago I broke my arm, not something I would recommend! But it has given me the opportunity to test out how strong the mind body connection is and how positive thought can help heal us.  Now having never broken a bone before I can only go on what is happening now.

First off, rather than getting down about the fact I’ve had to cancel 3 runs/races I had planned in March and my first 100 mile sportive in May is looking decidedly dodgy, I decided that I would use the next 8 weeks to work on healing as quickly as possible to become stronger physically and mentally. 

Using visualisation to think about the bones reconnecting and making a strong connection, blood flowing into the area to help heal the break.  Also focusing on how I can stay fit during these weeks so that I can start training as soon as I can (without coming back too quickly!). So currently no running, swimming or cycling… but I have a plan as soon as the Doctor says I’m allowed to start gentle activity.  By using a turbo trainer at home I can keep my legs moving and by doing walks I can get outside and clear the cobwebs physically and mentally.  Building back up slowly.  This will also mean making sure the rich oxygenated blood will be flowing round into the muscles of my arm and continuing to help the healing process.

Is it working? Well Tuesday morning, a week after the break, I was at the fracture clinic and everything has aligned well, my arm aches but has no pain.  Another week and another x-ray will confirm all is on track.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to ask the Doctor any questions as he seemed unable to say hello, tell me his name or talk to me apart from to say come back next week.  I’m going to assume he was at the end of a long shift and needed coffee (at least he didn’t tell me to look it up on the internet!)

Another week of positive thinking and immobilisation and hopefully a conversation next week will give more answers.  I am currently changing my training plans to still be able to complete my 64 mile run in August.

If you want to know more about how you can positively think through an unexpected injury or setback and be able to recover well mentally then contact me.

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