Thursday, 7 July 2016

What's stopping you?

It never ceases to amaze me how many people agree that understanding how they think and giving themselves greater choices in their thinking, behaviours and actions is a great thing to do and yet very few actually do anything about it.

There is a lot of 'shelf-help' out there where people think that by reading about how they can do or be better, faster, more creative, etc, means they don't actually have to put in any time actually 'doing' it will 'just happen', (the first line in my book ‘How to Thrive through Transition actually says ‘This is a book that wants you to be interactive’)

Being in the lucky position to work with both people in sport and business I see many similarities in the mindset of those I work with.

It can take a while for some to believe that I use the same tools and techniques in both areas to create achievements and growth and it's all about adapting them to your own specific circumstances.  Being able to analyse events and performance in order to give you the EDGE going forward is a hugely important skill.

So what stops people taking the next step and developing their own mindset to build and grow their sports performance or business.

Here are three reasons why I think people stop themselves working on mindset development...

·         Isn't that the weird stuff... who knows what you're going to ask me to do... and what if I'm doing something no-one else is... won't that look weird...

Mindset development is about practical, useful, techniques that you learn with your coach and adapt for yourself, nothing weird in that.  Also whether you are in business or sport, being different from your rivals is actually a good thing and gives you the mindset edge.

·         Don't need to do it - my thinking has got me this far... there's nothing wrong with me... it's all 'shelf-help' and no use to anyone...

Understanding how your thinking got you where you are and how it might also get you stuck going forward is a really useful thing to know.  Understanding yourself and your thinking and identifying in others how they think so that you can develop further and out think your sports opponents or business rivals

·         I can't be bothered... I don't have the time...

Mindset development will deliver results if you apply yourself.  It's fine if you don't want to; just don't expect to be the leaders in your industry or the driving force in your sport.  We can always make time for the things we believe to be important and mindset development is important and a few minutes a day is all that you need.  If you can't be bothered to be motivated about what you want to achieve, why should anyone else around you be interested...

Developing You is the most important thing you can do to fully achieve your aims and goals, having the EDGE over your rivals and being able to analyse and understand why and what to do next will keep you ahead of the game.

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