Thursday, 1 May 2014

Welcome to In Your Head Sport

This blog and community has been set up to give everyone, whatever their level of Sport encouragement, advice, humour and perhaps the occasional kick up the bum to challenge themselves and be the best they can.

The name comes from a quote by Cletis 'Clete' Bayer from Baseball who said about top level Baseball

'The thing about the game at this level is that there is very little difference in physical skills between players - the real difference between them is upstairs.  It is what's in your head that makes the difference'

Whatever level we are at what we think is where the difference lies in getting up and doing the next session, following the training plan, racing strong and being healthy.

So what's on offer...

This Blog

Through the blog I will be posting up articles I have written, some that I have found that are interesting or funny.  I am going to ask people from different sports and different areas of sport to write guest blogs.  If you have a story about a race or a challenge that you would like included then I am also happy to post it here as well for everyone to share.

The articles will be both about the physical side of sport and as you would expect from a blog called 'In Your Head Sport' the mental side of sport.

If there is a particular article you would like to see or a piece of research you want to know more about then let me know.  If it's about sport both mental and physical then I'm interested!!

Goals and Challenges - Monthly events

Every month there will be an opportunity to take part in a challenge and create your own goal to achieve that month.

Motivational challenge - what over the next month is going to challenge your motivation, this can range to holidays, weather, visiting friends etc - anything that for you might get in the way... Lovely so you've thought about what might challenge you, however, my challenge to you is that you have to come up with 3 things that you can do that will help you with that particular challenge, it might be having a mantra, asking for help, anything - and you always have number 4 as a given - do nothing... Doing nothing is a deliberate choice, not just something that happens!

Monthly challenge - every month I will post up a physical challenge for you to take part it and take it to the level that works for you as a beginner, intermediate or advance sports person - Remember that you may have been involved in sport for a while but some of the challenges you may not have done for a long time and therefore always start at the easiest level and build up.

Monthly Goal - what do you want to achieve this month - be it take part in a specific race, train for X times in a week, feel good - it's your goal and no-one else's.

Daily Motivation - Every day I will post a quote or picture to help our thinking for that day - they will come from sport, life, business and will make us think, laugh, roll our eyes... take from them what you want.

Where is this all happening!

Apart from this blog then take your pick - Facebook and Google + will have everything on and Twitter will post links everyday as well.

Live, Laugh, Enjoy


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