Thursday, 28 May 2015

Achieving in sport with Mental Strategies

Whatever level of sport you compete at you always want to give your best and the margins for gain when you get up to the top level can be small. 

This is why you need to have your own mental strategies and give your mind training sessions, which will give you the mental edge over your competitors.  Using coaching and training techniques helps you to find out what works for you and what doesn’t and how you can make decisions in the moment that will enhance your performance.  You will learn more about yourself as a person and the skills and techniques you learn in your sport can be adapted and used across other areas of your life and work.  This is about utilising your skills and helping you develop and fine tune your own techniques and resources to support you to achieve your goals.

Both teams and individuals can benefit by being able to get into the performance zone quickly and easily and handle the mind games of others.  Teams come together and take collective responsibility for what is working and change what’s not working and everyone can work on having the focus that is needed in that moment.

What you can achieve

Using defined mental strategies can help you achieve higher performance levels in your sport and are for competitors, coaches and clubs. 

  • help develop resilience,
  • more energy,
  • drive
  • focus. 
  • More understanding of how you and others think which gives you the ability to communicate effectively to those around you. 
  • Develop your own self-belief and can intervene when someone (or you!) finds themselves in a negative cycle of belief and performance.

9 areas you can make a difference in

We spend time thinking about how we are physically as athletes and put time, effort and energy into training, looking after our nutrition, keeping injury free in order to be ready to perform at our best.  This is why you should also train your brain.  We all need to have mind and body working together and mental coaching techniques will help achieve:-

7 ways you can achieve

There are 7 key strategies that you can use for your Minds Training Session.  Behind these 7 main strategies are layers of specific techniques that you can use and adapt.

Because you have practiced and trained you mind as well as your body you will have/know

  • Mental edge over your business and sports competitors
  • What works for you/what doesn't
  • Make decisions in the moment
  • Develop and fine tune the techniques to make them personal to you
  • Handle other peoples mind games

Expected Achievements

After putting into practice the techniques that I use with clients I expect them to have more confidence to achieve at the best of their ability on a regular basis and to have a more positive outlook on their training and competing.  Clients are able to learn quickly from mistakes and not dwell on them, but understand their thinking in that moment and what they will do differently next time.  They will also learn how to repeat great performances by understanding all their strategies for high level performance.  There would be higher levels of motivation and determination.

Practicing your mental strategies means that on the day they are a habit and require no extra energy.  Having the mental edge is not about having a mind that is full - it is about being mindful of what you need in the moment.

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